P.Mason’s documentary #ThisIsACoup

OMG how can one cry watching a political documentary..

How the fuck has this happened. The actress in the documentary expresses what most greek people who voted for Νo in the referendum felt: “The Banks were fricking closed and you(Tsipras) had 61% of the greek people behind you and what did you do?”
aaa what indeed..
The construction worker sums it up very well: “out of the europe and i will break the stones and eat ’em”.



It is easy to judge tsipras. I ‘ve tried to put myself into his shoes..a hard decision indeed..and let’s accept that the threat for grexit was real..why can’t you step down and let the liberal politician handle this..come clean to the people that trusted you..of course another elections procedure would struggle economy in Greece…a tough decision indeed..
Tough decisions. Only retrospectively we can judge in order to learn for the future.

One conclusion can be drawn though and i say this quite emphatically, Syriza and the Greek left weren’t ready to seize the power.

Let’s all learn from this experience in order not to confirm Santayana’s quote that history repeats itself, and even if the quote is true let’s hope and pray that this happens in an ascending spiral route with new mistakes and not just the plein old ones 🙂

Last but not least let’s get armed with knowledge and these experience and seize the future
cause as G.W.Bush have tried to say (:P) Fooled me once, shame on you..Fooled me twice SHAME ON ME.

In 4 parts





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